Sunday 16 January 2011

A day on the Mersey with my Dad, By Jack the Lad,

I was on the river on a boat, It was a clam day, We set off at about 7am and got there for half 8,
We then got on the boat that was called tusker, We were on the water for aobut 20mins when we hooked our frist fish, It was a Cod of 3Lb 2oz, A little while later i had one that was 2Lb 8oz, My dad was next to hook into a Cod but it was only small, And after that we had another 6 or 7 fish, The Skipper said we are going to move now boys so it was rods in, We moved up to the old Radar Tower, The weather was changing to fog that kept rolling in then moving out agian, We never had a bite here, So we moved up river, And we were going to go into Dock, As we were wacthing the fog go over a bilding it looked very erie as you can see by the picture, 
till the next time..........

Sunday 9 January 2011

A day pike fishing with my dad and paddy pike

it was 11 am when we picked paddy pike up .As he got in the car we said we would go an try six fields .
after seting my rods up i went to talk yo paddy pike.After 2 hours or so we hadn't even had a run .
I was sat with my rod when the bait runner started to run out so i wait a second or 2 and struck in to the fish but the fish hadn't been hooked .
It was about 4 o clock when my dad said i ve got a run he struck in to his fish but it came off .I went talking to my dad and paddy pike when we thought it ws time to pack up till next ....

Tuesday 23 November 2010

Jack The Lad, A days tenching with my Dad,

Monday the 7th june i was fishing on the sluice and i had this cracking tench, It faught  like a goodun but no macth for jack the lad,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Hello ime Jack the Lad

Hello everyone i am jack the lad and i intend to keep my new blog up to date with all my fishing expeditions, Keep checking in to see what i am up to,
Catch you soon,,,,,,,