Sunday, 9 January 2011

A day pike fishing with my dad and paddy pike

it was 11 am when we picked paddy pike up .As he got in the car we said we would go an try six fields .
after seting my rods up i went to talk yo paddy pike.After 2 hours or so we hadn't even had a run .
I was sat with my rod when the bait runner started to run out so i wait a second or 2 and struck in to the fish but the fish hadn't been hooked .
It was about 4 o clock when my dad said i ve got a run he struck in to his fish but it came off .I went talking to my dad and paddy pike when we thought it ws time to pack up till next ....


Paddy Pike said...

Nice Blogging Jack the lad, And thanks for a great time fishing, Be sure to thank your dad for me, And your mum for a great meal,
Me and Belinda relly enjoyed it, Take you camera wednesday jack, Then we can have some pictures of your sea fishing,
See you soon mate,

Alan Bamber said...

There will be better days, Jack!

alfi said...

Hi Jack, should not be upset if you missed a catch ... certainly not worry will come next, just be patient.
In Romania it is said that:
With patience you can move the ocean.
Now .... do not know the sound of free translation in English, but sure you'll understand it!
All good as Jack and stretched wire rods.
Hello Alfi.